Multi-point heat detector FireWatch


  • Multi-point heat detectors are early fire warning devices through the signal of thermal radiation from flammable objects.
  • The technical specifications of the device meet the requirements of European standards for smoke detectors EN 54 – part 2; EN 54 – part 25 and EN 54 – part 4.


  • Multi-point heat detector is able to detect a potential fire since it has not occurred much earlier than all types of currently deployed detectors.
  • Able to watch the changes of the temperature on an object’s surface from a distance of 20m
  • The device is integrated with up to 12 independent sensor areas and can adjust the alarm temperature threshold of each zone separately.
  • The devices are developed by utilizing the state-of-the-art machine learning and pattern recognition techniques to be able to detect and alert unusually high temperatures in each zone.
  • The device can be connected to all types of common fire alarm control panel in fire alarm systems.
  • Able to connect to the control devices via WIFI, 4G, RS485.
  • Standalone or system connection to the phone via the App. This App allows to control the system and set the features and sensitivity of the detector.


Mô hình so sánh cảnh báo sớm



Multi-point heat detector FSH-001/1 FSH-001/5 FSH-001/10 FSH-001/30
Protection Area 10m2 50m2 100m2 300m2
Detection Distance 4~6m 5~8m 10~20m 15~30m
Field of View 120×90 / 88×70 degree
Supply Voltage 24 VDC
Current Consumption 200mA
Operating Temperature 0-85 degree Celcius
Detectable Temperature 0-300 degree Celcius
Resolution 5120 pixels
Maximum watchable zones 12
Response Time < 20 seconds
Microprocessor 32 bit
Microprocessor Clock Freq. 168Mhz
RAM 192 Kbytes
Flash Memory 1 Mbyte
Network Bandwidth upto 40 Mbps
Indicator Output LED / Buzzer
Weight 550g